Brian James MacDonald

Brian James MacDonald died on July 18, 2019, when a car struck the motorcycle on which he and his girlfriend were riding. He was born in 1976 in Hartford, CT, and grew up in Southampton, MA. Living in the country on 13 acres of woods, he learned to love and appreciate the outdoors.
Brian moved to Gainesville, FL in 1995, and over the years began to feel that the South had become home. He became an auto technician, and worked in this field for many years. Brian learned to play electric guitar in his early high school years. He found great pleasure in his music, and through the years gathered a collection of guitars and amplifiers. His favorite music was metal, and his favorite band was Slayer. He enjoyed jamming with his friends. He was also an avid reader.
Brian is survived by his mother, Joy Southwell, of Gainesville, his daughter, Davika MacDonald, of Gainesville, and his cat, Mickey, whom he rescued when she was a tiny kitten .

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