Packages do not include merchandise or cash advance items

Packages do not include merchandise or cash advance items

We own and operate our own crematory, and it is on our premises in Gainesville.

We differ from direct cremation facilities, or direct disposers, in the sense that we are able to offer many services to our families, that by law they cannot. Please ask us to explain these differences to you, so you may be fully aware of all your options regarding cremation. Per 2019 Florida Statutes, F.S.497.601(2):

Direct disposers or funeral directors functioning as direct disposers may not, in their capacity as direct disposers, sell, conduct, or arrange for burials, funeral services, memorial services, visitations, or viewings; hold themselves out to the public as funeral directors, or use any name, title, or advertisement that may tend to connote that they are funeral directors. These prohibitions shall apply regardless of the fact that such individuals may be licensed as funeral directors.

We can assist you in making arrangements long before the need arises, called pre-planning, pre-arrangements, and pre-need. You may simply meet with us to gather information for a death certificate and your wishes and keep it all in a file. You also may fund your pre-arrangements in order to lock in the costs of our services and merchandise. This allows your family to know exactly what your wishes are.

There are two different vehicles of funding your pre-arrangements: either thru a state-monitored trust, or thru a life insurance policy. This life insurance policy is specifically for last wishes (burial, cremation, etc), and is set up just like any other life insurance policy.

If you would like to learn more about or discuss pre-planning, please give us a call.

We can assist you in obtaining veteran death benefits. Any honorably discharged veteran who has passed would be eligible for a United States Flag, a government marker, and burial of a casket or urn in a National Cemetery. The two closest National Cemetery to Alachua County is either Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, or Jacksonville National Cemetery in North Jacksonville. We would travel to either of these cemeteries at no extra cost. Our charges would mirror a local burial, as if we were going to a local cemetery. All we would need is an honorably discharged form, called a DD-214. Please call us if you would like to learn more. We also have more information under our “Services”, “Veterans” tab.

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