Green Burial

We Assist Families with Green Burial

Green burial, or natural burial, is growing in popularity and becoming the preferred option for many families in Alachua County. It uses no chemicals, no non-biodegradable substances, and does not require purchase of a grave vault or liner. Green burial takes us back to the natural human funeral rite of simply placing a loved one in the ground. It fulfills the last wishes of any nature-lover and allows the family to participate in the process. Milam Funeral & Cremation Services will work closely with Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery to create this memorable and serene experience.

Please view Prairie Creek’s website for more information:

Your loved one may be shrouded or placed in a biodegradable casket.

Green Burial

Green Burial Pricing

Green Burial Cash Package – $3595

The above price includes our basic services, local removal, refrigeration, shrouding (or casketing), transport to Prairie Creek and staffing for weekdays (weekends may require additional charge).

This package also includes availability to our Grief Counselor as needed.

This package price does not include the cemetery fee, the burial receptacle, obituaries, flowers, death certificates, or any other additional item not mentioned above.

Linen Shroud – $600; our linen shroud is made from thick, heavy-duty linen material, includes straps on either side for lowering, and is made specifically for green burial.

Wicker Casket – $1095; woven, basket-like wicker material, available in blue-stripe or yellow-stripe (see above photo).


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